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Living Options

More information about our Flats, Rest Home & Hospital.


Our self-contained rental flats are a great choice for those individuals seeking a more independent option. These spacious units function as a normal rental with the tenant holding responsibility for general living costs such as power. Along with independent-style living, the unit option provides flexibility along with the benefits of the Trinity facilities. 

Services such as laundry, cleaning and meals can be arranged with additional cost, and with an emergency call bell one of our helpful professionals will be able to respond in no time. With the units being in the Home and Hospital grounds, your loved one will be able to enjoy freedom and independence along with the peace-of-mind of having care facilities close by. 

Trinity Flat Living is a flexible style of living where assistance can be provided if required. They are spacious, attractive units that can home 1-2 people and are another great option for partners or spouses of Trinity residents . There is plenty of space for parking, a laundry service and verandah that takes full advantage of the sunny area and beautiful rose garden.

Rest Home

Medical Needs:
Our rest home facility provides the best of both worlds for individuals needing extra care while maintaining a sense of dignity and privacy. The rest home itself is a companion to the Trinity hospital, providing excellent medical care with the attendance of a 24 hour registered Nurses, a visiting Doctor and Care Staff that are attentive to all resident needs. Each room is provided with a nurse-call bell so you can trust your loved one is in good hands at any hour. 

Comfort of Living:
While it is assured all medical needs are attended to, the comfort of living is also a priority here at Trinity. We have a warm, friendly lounge where residents are able to partake in activities, watch TV, movies and socialise. Residents are able to Skype, make use of the public television and phone or arrange a personal television, private telephone line or internet connection at an additional cost.

Trinity values compassion, care and dignity and where possible, we aim to accommodate individual interests and needs. Such as this, we encourage personalisation of individuals’ rooms, decorations, homely touches and we always welcome and encourage visitors and family.

Along with the friendliness and warmth of our rest home, we offer a range of fun and varying activities for our residents to enjoy. We have regular outings and events organised by our recreational personnel. With access to a mobility van and mobility scooters, activities can be enjoyed by a range of individuals. Hobbies, games and exercise are a regular and important part of daily life and we do our best to facilitate, encourage and help our residents participate, laugh and enjoy their time with us.

We encourage visits from family and friends as often as possible, and if practical outings such as coffee, lunch or going out to dinner. Residents can leave the facility at any time to join their families for annual holidays or to stay with them for a night or two. We are also able to provide respite care and carer support stays, as we understand the need for family and friends who are caring for people at home to have regular breaks.

All residents’ care and treatment is routinely reviewed or indicated by a change in health status. We can respond accordingly and flexibly as needs change, ensuring individual’s needs come first. 


Our high-quality standards excel in our Hospital facility. We are constantly sharing knowledge and experience with other hospitals in New Zealand and around the world. We have our own Doctor who attends three times per week, provide care from 24 hour registered nurses and 24 hour medical emergency is available close by at Hawera Hospital.

We are proud of our Hospital wing that has been designed to hospital-level specifications. Each room includes an emergency call button, wheelchair access and kind, caring staff to take care of individuals in their spacious and comfortable rooms.

Our Hospital has a wide range of care services including: palliative care, rehabilitative and convalescent services. Caring Staff are also on hand to assist with dressing, bathing, meals and laundry when required. They can also schedule regular consultations with your Doctor. Our staff are engrained with a high quality of care, ensuring your loved one is comfortable and their welfare is put first.

Dementia Unit
Our Trinity Staff are highly trained to ensure your loved one is well cared for and has an excellent quality of life while within our Dementia facility. The Dementia Care Wing was opened in Trinity Rest home and Hospital in 2010, a first of such facilities in Hawera, providing further care to our wider community. 

Purpose-Built Living:
The Dementia unit has been created to provide a secure, functional environment for your family member, while remaining warm, friendly and safe. Residents and family are encouraged to personalise rooms with memorabilia and happy memories. Our wider facility includes a lounge and dining area that is light and comfortable, along with access to a terrace and peaceful garden. 

We hold activities for our Dementia patients, ensuring an enjoyable time at Trinity that enhances their positive life experiences such as feeding our animals, light gardening along with music, cooking and games. We take great medical and personal care of our patients and will help your family member make an easy transition into our Unit.