About - Trinity Home & Hospital Hawera


Trinity Home and Hospital is a caring, professional and secure environment for a range of ages and care needs. Please find information below about Trinity Home and Hospital history, FAQ's and Community Support.

Based in Hawera, South Taranaki, Trinity provides a range of services varying from independent facilities to regular medical care. We wish to provide care for your family member retaining respect, dignity and a climate of prosperity for all individuals under our care. We value family support to achieve the ultimate in care and well being for our residents.

We are registered as a charitable organisation and are one of the few rest homes in New Zealand that is administered as ‘not for profit’. 

The history of Trinity includes a long-time association with the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary. Despite the historically religious association, we are a non-denominational facility and welcome all those in need of care.

The Board of Directors of Trinity Home and Hospital Ltd are as follows:

  • Jan Dunlop - Chairperson
  • Doug Hutchinson - Deputy Chairperson
  • Miranda Cullen
  • Janice Forsyth
  • John Langridge
  • Neil Walker

The Board of Trustees for Trinity Trust are as follows:

  • Marie Dwyer - Chairperson
  • Patricia Sutherland
  • Joe Clough
  • Dennis Bourke
  • Trevor Harrison
  • Jan Dunlop


Trinity Home and Hospital began life as a stately family home, owned and built by the Powdrell family. Walter Dutton Powdrell was a wealthy, successful dairy farmer at Otakeho and also a Member of Parliament from 1919-1921 for the then Patea Electorate. The family moved to Hawera and built their magnificent home on the block of land now occupied by Trinity Home and Hospital. The house was built between 1909 and 1911 at a cost of approximately 2,500 pounds. In 1947, the property was bought by St. Joseph’s Parish, Hawera.

During the 2nd World War, Polish refugee children arrived in New Zealand to a camp in Pahiatua. When this camp was closed in 1949 the boys, aged from 9 to 14 years, were sent to the Parish Hostel in Puriri Street and the former Powdrell house became known as the Polish Boys’ Home.

In 1956, the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary were invited to Hawera at the request of Cardinal McKeefry and encouraged by Monsignor Cullen who suggested that the Boys Home and Hostel be used as the foundation for a hospital. The dormitories where the boys lived were later converted into a Convent and Chapel for the Sisters. The foundation Sisters who first came to Hawera to establish Calvary Hospital were Sisters Cecilia (Cecilia Caspers), Pranedes (Mary Quiltenden), Majella (O’Brien) and Matthew (Kelly) with Mother Baptist Fogarty and Mother Superior Benedicta King.

Calvary Hospital was initially a 13 bed geriatric facility until 1963 when the Mary Potter Wing was added, increasing bed numbers to 32. Over the years buildings and services have been added and altered. At different stages Calvary Hospital offered care for surgical and psychiatric residents, an operating theatre and x-ray facilities. Now, however due to changing health needs and regulations, these services are no longer provided.

The Little Company of Mary with the assistance of the Lions Club of South Taranaki and the people of Hawera, erected seven residential flats adjoining Calvary Hospital in 1979, known as the Calvary-Lions Flats. In 2001 another two flats were added to this complex.
In 1990 the Chapel, Convent and original Hospital were moved off the site and a new purpose built 29 bed Rest Home was erected and officially opened on 17 March 1991 by Bishop Owen Dolan.

1999 saw the addition of another nine rooms and in 2005 during another major refurbishment; a further nine rooms, including the Mildred Walker suite, were added to the hospital wing.

In 1998 the Little Company of Mary made the decision to cease owning a facility in Hawera and in September 1999 sold Calvary Hospital to Trinity Home and Hospital Limited.

Trinity Home and Hospital built a new Cullen Dementia care wing in 2009. It is the first such facility in the Hawera area, providing needed services for dementia care in our community.


How will my family member’s medical needs be met by Trinity?
Trinity has a Doctor in attendance three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. At least one and often two Registered Nurses are on duty 24/7. Care staff are trained to be aware of the health and well-being of residents, listen to their concerns and communicate any issues to a Registered Nurse for follow up.
All medication is administered by a Registered Nurse and full records maintained. Family are welcome to discuss their loved one’s health and well being with a Registered Nurse.

What if my family member’s care needs change over time?
At Trinity we can provide for many levels of care so your family member can easily be moved to the facility that most meets their needs at the time if space is available.
Trinity Flats are ideal for those who are still independent but wish to be near medical help if required.
Day Care provides stimulation and company for your loved one.
Rest Home Care provides a homely environment for Residents with the support of good medical care, activities and social interaction.
The Hospital wing provides for those needing a higher level of Medical and personal needs care.
Our adjacent secure Dementia Level 3 Unit offers a warm, friendly, safe space for those in need of this higher level care.
A comfortable Hospice Suite with medical equipment and caring staff provides the best end of life care.

What if I or my family member has concerns?
We welcome your feedback and comments and encourage Residents to let us know of any issues. Trinity staff would contact a designated family member with any concerns. 
Trinity’s Manager holds a monthly meeting with Residents to listen to their comments and feedback. Any meal suggestions are relayed back to the kitchen for consideration in menu planning.

What about individual needs?
Trinity aims to cater for individual preferences and lifestyles. If your family member enjoys specific activities, interests or lifestyle habits please discuss these with us. We want to make their experience of life at Trinity as comfortable and enjoyable as possible and as smooth a transition from their previous living arrangement as possible.

How do we apply for admission to Trinity?
Please contact us to arrange for a visit. Our manager will be pleased to show you around the facility, answer any questions you may have and provide you with the information you need. Trinity has an application form and you will be required to get a Needs Assessment of your family member. Trinity will assist in this process at every stage to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Are there visiting hours?
You are welcome to visit your family member or friend at Trinity at any time during the day. There are visitor kitchenettes where you can make a cup of tea or coffee and you can join them in the communal lounge.

Do they have to pay for extra services?
Trinity provides many extra services at no extra cost to the Resident

  • one hairdressing wash, trim and set per month
  • regular podiatry appointments
  • all laundry
  • many activities and outings are at no additional cost
  • weekly religious services in the Trinity chapel

Community Support

Trinity is proud to give to the community, providing facilities such as Meals on Wheels and Daycare services to our local residents. We are even more so humbled by the return support from the local community including business, organisations and other bequests and donations.

As a Charitable Trust, this support is put entirely back in to caring and supporting our residents and we appreciate and utilise this generosity completely. If you would like to consider donating to the care and upholding of our Trinity Home please feel free to get in touch and contact us

Trinity is fortunate to have many volunteers who extend and enhance the services we currently provide, making the life of our residents as enjoyable as possible. Volunteers may assist with entertainment, arts and crafts, outings, spending one on one time with residents, reading and many other activities. We appreciate the involvement and care of all volunteers and encourage others to experience the benefits of caring for others.